One thing that all businesses strive for is credibility. This is especially true in the medical device industry. We want to appear as though we are the only logical choice for our specific product or service in the industry. One way to create credibility is through white papers.

A white paper is a document which helps the person reading it understand and solve a problem that affects their business. It’s also a great way to educate your audience about your particular technology or service, all while presenting your company as a reliable resource.

Here are 3 key arenas where a well-written white paper can go to bat for your business.

1.) Build Credibility with Google:

A well-written, focused, SEO-optimized white paper landing page will serve as a beacon to search engines to guide them to your site. This may in turn help your page authority, site traffic, and overall keyword ranking on important keywords in your industry. Also, optimizing your landing page will help attract in new visitors who are trying to solve exactly the problem that your white paper addresses.

2.) Build Credibility with Your Audience:

Going right along with the search, your medical device white papers are going to be giving out valuable information to those looking for it. When people find the information from your white paper and then realize that you or your business were the ones that provided it, that helps establish your company as a source of trustworthy information on the subject.

By providing valuable information to future prospective customers while they are still evaluating all the options, you make it all the more likely that your solution will be the one they ultimately choose. This also helps you to establish your brand as a company that not only has a solution to offer, but is willing to help people understand the problem at hand even if they don’t end up choosing your solution.

3.) Build Credibility with Your Sales Team:

Ok, so you may not need to build credibility with your own co-workers per se. However, when people are looking for info and they find your white papers then they have already taken the hook. If you reel them in with your expertise then you’re halfway there. If your sales team can swoop down and snag them with the net you’ve cast then everyone goes home satisfied.

White papers are invaluable in the ever-evolving world of medical device marketing. Producing white papers about your technology or solution sets you apart from competitors as appreciated experts and valuable resources.