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With the fall planning and budgeting season in full swing, now is the time to look at new offerings to add to your WoundSource campaigns for 2015.

Each year, our sales and editorial team work over the summer months to organize, analyze and plan from the feedback that we gather from our readers, site visitors, customers, vendors, editorial advisors, and bloggers throught the previous year.

Based on that feedback, we update our offerings to keep them fresh, relevant, and in step with the needs of the wound care practitioners and purchasing decision-makers who comprise our print and online audience.Here’s what’s new:

  1. Digital Edition

A digital edition has been on the wish list of both our readers and our EAB members for years. The 2015 digital edition will be offered for the first time on the website as a free download.

All print advertisers will have their ads reproduced in the digital edition for free.

Advertisers will be able to purchase interactive enhancements for their ad, including video, audio or survey question.

  1. Email Marketing


Marketers have been asking for access to our database for years. Starting in January, WoundSource will offer two types of email marketing to our email lists.

Editorial Spotlights allow you to attach your message to a sole-sponsored email, branded with theWoundSource title and delivering WoundSource content relevant to your line of business and product. There are two ad spots for your message within the content.
Custom Direct Emails (often referred to as an Eblast). You give us your email creative and we will implement a custom direct email transmission that can be sent to our total database of wound care practitioners on a date of your choice.
  1. Listing Enhancements 

    We are offering two new upgrades for your product listings: Expanded Product Listing with References and Expanded Product Listings with References and Photo.reference_sample_with_image

Do clinicians ask you to provide references to articles, case studies and other literature references for your products?
Now you can provide that information to both our print and online users with up to three AMA formatted references.
Do you want readers to notice your product? Now you can add a photo to your product listing in order to catch their eye and make them take a closer look.  (Our Managing Editor Miranda Henry will be posting more details about this later this month.)
  1. Case Study Card Inserts

Clinicians want detailed information, including case studies, about products that they are evaluating or using. This unique offering of a card stock, 4-color, 2-sided insert features a company case study article on one side and a company image/product display ad on the reverse side.

Each case study features an advertorial devoted to your company product or service applications. Your Case Study Card Insert will be printed on 7-point book matte stock, is inserted into theWoundSource polybag for maximum exposure and your company will receive 500 copies for your own promotion.