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A good white paper can be a great asset for manufacturers of wound care products. They are particularly useful for companies that are trying to market a complex technology or service that requires potential customers do some background research prior to making a decision.White papers are designed to be downloadable resources that help your new potential customer better understand some aspect of their business as it relates to your product.

But just any old white paper won’t do. You need to make sure that your white paper is engaging enough to keep your brand at the top of your perspective clients’ minds. Here are some tips for doing just that.

1. Include a table of contents. Sometimes a person will download a white paper simply for a certain topic. Including a table of contents (even better, a clickable TOC that takes you right to the section) while help the reader better navigate the document.

2. Make it easy to read. Don’t cram your words onto each page. Since the reader will likely be using the file on their computer, try to stick to best practices for online writing whenever possible. This means shorter paragraphs, more bullet points, making important words/points bold and using a sans serif font.

3. Make it easy to understand. Very few people want to read something that makes them feel like an idiot. Make sure that the topic you’re covering is written in plain English, with as much technical jargon removed so that nearly anyone in your industry can open and understand it easily.

4. Invest in a good cover. Most people do judge a book – or in this case, a white paper – by its cover. Hire a designer to make an eye-catching cover for your white paper that you can use for all of your CTAs, social media promotion, and your landing page.

If you’re going to invest the time and resources in creating medical device white papers as part of your content marketing (and here is why you should), make sure to follow the tips above to get the most out of your new marketing tool.