Bringing a new product to the wound care market can be an exciting but challenging time for wound care marketers.

With thousands of products already on the market and so many channels to cover, how do you decide among marketing strategies in order to make an impact with your new product’s message and deliver it to the best prospects?

1.) Understand the Wound Care Challenge That Your Product Solves

Whether it’s a new dressing format that you’re adding to your portfolio, or a device that’s the first of its kind, having a strong understanding of the clinical challenge that your product is going to solve is fundamental.

Knowing just how your new product is going to improve patient outcomes, increase staff efficiency and be more cost-effective is going to be key to developing a strong marketing message for your new wound care product.

2.) Understand Your Consumers

Who is going to use your product? Does this product potentially impact multiple types of customers such as end-user consumers, hospitals or physicians?

Identifying who is going to benefit the most from this new wound care product or technology will help you hone in on target channels for delivering the news of your product and with it, your case for using the product.

3.) Validate Your Wound Care Technology

Wound care products require validation. The movement towards evidence-based wound care demands data, research and proof that the product being considered for patient use going to be efficacious.

Third-party validation, including peer-reviewed data, presentations of data at a professional meeting, or the endorsement and/or support of a professional organization can be a very powerful to include in your product launch.

4.) Start Early Awareness Building

Of course you’re going to issue a press release once your product is available on the market. But what about building some early awareness around your product technology?

Some marketing experts advise beginning your active press release campaign 6-8 weeks in advance of your actual launch date. I’m personally a keen follower of products in their infancy, seeking out news on products that are still in the clinical trial phases! It’s never too early to start building awareness.

A well-crafted launch campaign should include spreading the news relating to your broad audience media AND targeted media channels.

5.) Make Your Launch Have a Sustained Impact

Starting with early awareness building will help you gain momentum in your wound care product launch campaign. Be sure to explore all of your options when mapping out your campaign: press release distribution, advertising (print and web), wound care conferences and tradeshows, targeted e-broadcasts, social media and content promotion.

The timing of your launch as it relates to key professional events, publication dates, competitor launches, and company benchmarks should all be factored into your strategic timeline.

One final tip: Consider using the WoundSource product reference to evaluate the current market for your specific product. Are there similar products on the market already? What unique features and/or attributes of your new product can you leverage to set you apart from competitors?

A successful product launch in the competitive wound care market requires a thoughtful marketing strategy that is multi-faceted and extends before and beyond the date of your press release announcement.