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Here at WoundSource, we’re doing things a bit differently this year. This fall marks the WoundSource editorial department’s first year of doing exclusive “online” product listing updates. You may have recently heard from us about this initiative. We’re keeping the door open for wound care marketers to submit new wound care products and updates to the WoundSource database until the end of October 31st, 2014.

This new open submission period allows wound care marketers to update their current product listings on and to add new products. Perhaps you’ve just launched a new dressing format and are planning to spotlight it at the fall conferences – submit your new product information to WoundSource, along with your press release, and we’ll share the news of your product launch with the audience.

In preparing for your online product listing update, here are a few things to keep in mind when compiling your submission packet to help your efforts pay off for search engine optimization (SEO), marketing purposes, and WoundSource user experience.

Make Your Wound Product Name Descriptive

Product trade names should be submitted in their proper trademarked format. We also encourage wound care marketers to include their product name’s descriptors. A good example of a company doing this very well on 3M Health Care. Let’s take a look at the product name for the 3M™ Tegaderm™ High Performance Foam Non-Adhesive Dressing listing. Note that the trade name is present, and the manufacturer has included other keyword descriptors, making it very clear to a user searching for products on the WoundSource WHAT, precisely, this product is. Search engines are happy with this product name usage, as well. The trade name is there, and it is easily identifiable from a keyword search perspective by including the product (foam dressing) an attribute keyword (non-adhesive).


Submit a “Snapshot” of Your Products

If your product listings on WoundSource do not already include a picture of your product, please make submitting an accompanying image for product listing a priority this update. Not only does this greatly enhance the visual component of your WoundSource product listing for users, the search engines will again reward you.

In considering what image to call upon to speak for your product on, there are a few different options available, all of them visually effective, that you may want to consider:

  1. The Format Scope: This type of image displays a product’s full range of formats and gives users a great deal of visual information about what your product has to offer from a selection perspective. An example of a product listings on that I feel captures the format scope of the product line is Hydrofera BLUE® Foam with Moisture-Retentive Film. Note that this product image includes all of the dimensions and formats available for this product. This is a powerful informational message that says “look at all we have to offer – we have a shape and size to fit your patient’s needs.”
  2. The Tactile Shot: Another popular image style is what I call the “tactile” shot. The tactile shot gives clinicians a sense of how the product handles for application through the product image. Integra® Wound Matrix has a great example of a picture that gives you the sense of how the product feels, flexibility, and the product requirements for handling technique.
  3. The Package Picture: Another effective marketing image that you might want to consider is a bold shot of your product in its packaging. Check out this example from Amerx Health Care Corp. Note how clearly the label presents in this image, offering the wound care marketer an opportunity to leverage the packaging for some added brand awareness. The product format is clear; the brand is clear. This is good example of a wound care marketer maximizing their listing by way of their product image – it’s like the product picture IS the brand logo.

Share Your Wound Care Product’s Attributes and Indications product listings offer manufacturers the chance to tell their product’s full story. Take advantage of the expanded online product listing opportunities and be sure to complete information for all product listings fields in your submission packet. Perhaps the most important information for WoundSource users to have in viewing your product, outside of a basic description and product name, is your product Indications, paired with Benefits. These two fields of information give clinicians the kind of information needed to make a truly informed decision about your product from a stance of comparison with the market competition. Use the benefits field to tell users about your study results, how the composition of your product sets you apart from others in your category, and key information about the functionality of your product. Wound care clinicians will need to weigh this information once they’ve identified your product as a viable solution based on the Indications provided in your product listing description.

If you have products that you would like to submit to or if your company currently lists its products with WoundSource and you would like to submit updates, please email our Editorial Department at to request more information.