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With over 100,000 monthly pageviews, and 40% of incoming traffic starting on product pages, upgrading your product listing on is a great way to make an impact with clinicians doing product research

We have found that after upgrading to a microsite there is an average 63% increase in the time the visitor spends on the page, and an average 80% increase in overall pageviews.

The following is an actual case study of¬†one company’s results from their microsite campaign:

Before and after results

One manufacturer that has one antimicrobial dressing relatively new to the wound care market decided to upgrade to a microsite after their product had been listed on for a year. We looked at the metrics from four months before enhancement to a microsite compared to four months after.

When we compared before and after the upgrade, we found that their pageviews had increase by 131% and the average time people spent on the page had increased by 58% (from 1:59 to 3:07).

How microsites stack up to non-microsites

As for how microsites compare to other products in their category, microsites on average receive anywhere from 61% up to 786% more pageviews when compared to other products in the same category, and anywhere from 5% to 28% more time spent on the page.

How are microsites different from regular product listings?

Product microsites let you enhance your existing product listing on in a variety of ways. A clinician visiting the homepage will see your product in a rotating showcase. On clicking through to your product, they will see links to your product specific website, PDFs with more information, your product video, and a mobile-friendly ad highlighting your product.

The most powerful feature of a microsite is the “pop-to-the-top of the search results” functionality. If the clinician started out looking for products in your category, your product is elevated to the top of the list of products in your category and highlighted with your product image and shading to set it apart. In addition, thelink back to your product website provides a valuable inbound link for your site.

In short, microsite products have more clinicians viewing those products, and those clinicians are spending more time interacting with the product information once they are on the page. To learn more about microsites and other online opportunities on, request the media kit below.