White papers are a great way for medical device companies to increase interest in their products, attract potential leads, and gather valuable information to qualify those leads for sales.

However, the time, effort and cost of creating a great white paper can be wasted if it is not marketed properly.

The following are three common pitfalls to avoid when attempting to market a white paper.

1. Not Doing Enough Research

A well-researched and well-written white paper can provide your business with a lot of credibility with prospective customers. Consider the market that the paper is meant for and talk with existing and past customers to get their feedback on your topic. Look at your potential customers as a whole to get a better idea of how to compose your white paper. Does it solve an important problem for them or provide technical knowledge that will help them in their job?

White papers require attention to detail and in-depth content. When marketing with medical device white papers, not only do you need to make your potential leads think your white paper has value, you must also provide it.

2. Having a Poor Landing Page

It doesn’t matter how good your white paper is if you can’t get anyone to download it. One of the keys to marketing your white papers is an effective and well-designed landing page. Potential leads must be convinced to hand over their contact information to you. That’s the job of your landing page.

Your landing page design must be functional and attractive, in addition to being compatible with a wide range of devices including both smartphones and tablets. Adopting web design techniques such as responsive design will ensure your landing page is compatible with almost every possible device.

3. Failing to Take Advantage of Social Media

What used to be a simple way to share photos and keep in touch with friends has become a social phenomenon that businesses, including medical device companies, can no longer afford to ignore. Using social media effectively is fundamental to any online marketing campaign.

By leveraging your existing social media presence, you can market your medical device white papers to a wide audience of followers across various social networks. Additionally, by taking advantage of paid advertising options on social networks, you can offer your white paper to people in your target demographic, regardless of whether or not they already follow you.

In B2B industries such as the medical device industry, it’s a wise move to focus your social media marketing efforts on LinkedIn in particular. There are many LinkedIn groups based on professional roles, titles, and interests in which you can effectively offer your medical device white paper to your most likely prospects.

Writing a great white paper is only half the battle. Before you start, consider the research, tools and tactics that you need to market your white paper in order to achieve your campaign goals.