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WoundSource was developed nearly two decades ago as a resources for clinicians to gain easy access to comparative wound care product information. With thousands of wound care dressing on the market, and rapidly expanding areas such as cellular and/or tissue-based products (and soon to be expanding markets such as diagnostics), clinicians more than ever need to know what’s available to heal their patients and perform side-by-side comparative research on these products.

WoundSource recently added the research enhancement for users to refine their wound product category searches by adding a filtering option using the comparative attributes, or “Features” for each category. For example, if a user is only interested in viewing Antimicrobial Dressings with “Bactericidal broad-spectrum” activity, with the click of a button (or tap on the tablet or iPhone), wound dressing search results will be quickly narrowed for the user.


If within that search a user wants to conduct a side-by-side comparison of several products within a given category, users can specify these products and WoundSource will yield a comparative summary of the requested products, all with a few simple checkbox selections


New Drop-Down Menu for Selecting White Papers By Topic

In a recent readership survey, over 60% of WoundSource print subscribers say they also look to WoundSource specifically for white paper content.

The WoundSource White Paper Center is another resources available to clinicians to gain access to robust product information. The readership survey also revealed that most subscribers are specifically seeking new product information, along with treatment education. The White Paper Center is a place where these two information needs meet.

The growing number of wound care topics covered, coupled with the research demands of WoundSource users, inspired the newly added feature to allow users to filter the White Paper Center content by topic.

As this content library grows and incorporates key market education delivered through the industry-sponsored white paper campaign option, users will see the topic refinement continue to meet the scope of the education sought and available through this high-traffic stop on will continue to evolve in its user experience to give clinicians even greater access to the wound care product information and education that they need to make informed decisions about what interventions and treatments are best to heal their patients’ wounds.